the quick update

Volunteer stewards placed logs along 100 feet of trail at Woodcock Preserve. The result is a rugged and natural (but passable) solution to extremely muddy sections of trail.

trail repair report

“Six PLAN Volunteer Stewards met at 9 am at the Woodcock Preserve on Tanner Road. The trail work was a continuation of the corduroy installation on the extremely muddy sections of the white trail. We installed various lengths of corduroy from the west side of the preserve up to the intersection with the Red trail. Most of the trees that were used were Ash that had died due to the invasive Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive species killed these trees, but provided us with a strong hardwood for the corduroy material that will last for many years before it has to be replaced. We covered about 100 feet of trail with the corduroy logs which now make many sections of these trials passible through the muddy sections.” –  Written by volunteer steward Ralp Keating

what are corduroy logs?

Resembling the raised seams of curduroy fabric, curduroy logs refers to the method of placing tree trunks or branches to create a pathway. Logs are placed perpendicular to the direction of travel, overlaying the mud or swampy area.

Thank you volunteers for your ingenuity and hard work on this trail repair project!