Woodlands and water

Woodlands and waterways are dynamic ecosystems which are fundamental to life.

Why Conserve Woodlands and Water

The lands that Saratoga PLAN works to conserve benefit Saratoga County’s local communities in so many ways. Forested areas provide habitat for wildlife, keep our air and water clean, promote mental and physical health, and help absorb water during storm and flood events. When forests are disturbed by land conversion or fragmentation, the ecosystem can be severely damaged, affecting the balance between wildlife, plant life and the water supply.

For these reasons and many others, the forests, woodlands, and other natural areas that PLAN helps to conserve are out there working every day for everyone.  Explore the map below to see the woodlands and waterways conserved by Saratoga PLAN throughout Saratoga County.

On top of the natural services that conserved lands supply our communities, the woods, waters, meadows, wetlands, and fields that make our county unique are just plain fun to get out and explore!


  • Sixty-six percent of the nation’s freshwater resources originate on forest land. 25 percent of species across terrestrial, freshwater and marine vertebrate, invertebrate and plant groups are threatened with extinction.
  • Land conversion decreases ecosystem function—significantly impairing watershed health and increasing the vulnerability to floods.
  • Conserved land in watersheds benefits the health and wallet of consumers—drinking two liters of city water daily costs $.50 a year—the same amount of bottled water runs up a $1,400 tab.

Map of conserved woodlands and waters

Since it’s in inception in 2003, Saratoga PLAN has conserved 45 non-farm properties totaling over 3,600 acres. Explore the map below to learn more.

To dive deeper and explore all conserved lands in Saratoga County, click here.

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