We are very excited to announce today that PLAN has reached an agreement with the Pitney family to purchase one of the last remaining farms within city limits. The Pitney Farm has been actively cared for by the Pitneys for over 150 years. Honoring the family and the land, PLAN is promising to ensure that the property will remain available for agricultural uses in perpetuity. DSC00750Beyond conserving the land, PLAN, working in conjunction with several partners and supporters, has the vision to see the land transformed into a ‘community farm‘, a place that will bring people together over a mutual love and appreciation for the land that sustains us.

As the process for purchasing the land unfolds, a concept for the community farm will be developed, which could include an agricultural training program for beginning farmers, incubator farmettes for apprentice level farmers, community gardens, plots for pick-your-own, an arboretum and nursery of native and nut trees, as well as hiking trails. DSC00748All that combined with the land’s close proximity to the Saratoga Springs high school, the YMCA, Saratoga Spa State Park, and the envisioned Greenbelt Trail promises to ensure that this land becomes a true community resource.