This week, join us in a huge THANK YOU to Saratoga PLAN’s Monday Trail Crew, a group of dedicated individuals that meets every Monday to keep the Hennig & LeVine Preserves beautiful and safe. They clean debris, make sure signage is well-visible, and move anything large that might be obstructing trails. This past week, the crew has constructed a brand new “bog bridge” at the LeVine Preserve, a small wooden bridge so people can walk across wet, muddy areas. Thank you, Monday Trail Crew!

Bill Lasher volunteers as part of the Monday Trail Crew. He began in 2011, and he’s been working with us ever since. “I am proud to support in a small way Saratoga PLAN’s goals to preserve some very special places for all to enjoy” Bill says. We cannot overstate the value of the level of dedication shown by the trail crew, and all of our volunteers.

If volunteering sounds like fun (it is), you can write to and find out how to get involved!