Amy Marshall is one of our current interns. She’s here to work with GIS, a computer program used to integrate maps with different sets of data. Google Maps is perhaps the most well-known example of a GIS program. Currently, Amy is updating maps of trails and preserves around Saratoga. “Growing up in Gansevoort, my family always enjoyed hiking and the outdoors,” she says. She’s happy to be here getting “the opportunity to learn and work with this program.”

Other interns have included students from Siena and Skidmore College. This fall, our dynamic and enthusiastic team of interns includes Amy Marshall, Anika Verma, Lindsay Fenner, and Madeleine Freundlich.

The support of our dedicated volunteers allows our small organization to make a big impact as we extend our conservation efforts far and wide across the county. Thank you to each and every volunteer that has given their time, attention and talent to PLAN – from building bridges, leading events & workshop, to writing stories and making videos. We value and appreciate all that you give. Thank you!

If you’re interested in interning or volunteering for PLAN you can write to us at You can find out more on the Get Involved page.

In honor of this month of thanks, every Thursday we’re sending a big thank-you to a person or group of people that helps PLAN conserve woods, waters and farmland, and help to make the Saratoga region such an amazing place to live, work and visit.