Ralph Keating (on the left, working with Cliff Sampson and Mary Alice Nyhan) exemplifies the amazing contributions made every week. He recently headed out to the Galway Nature Preserve to do some work, and then submitted the report below. It is a great example of what volunteers do, often out of sight and out of mind. The next time you enjoy a hike on a PLAN property, please thank a volunteer!

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Hi Greg:

I got back to Galway Preserve today to do some of the building repair jobs that we discussed and also did trail work.

First I went to Lowes at 8 am to get new windows, glazing and quickrete concrete mix.

Then starting at the preserve at 9, I did the following:

  • removed old broken glass and replaced with the plexiglass panels, caulked with the window glazing;
  • made a form for the hole in concrete wall and put in three layers of quickrete to build up the concrete to existing outer wall surface (I did this over the course of the day to let each layer dry);
  • build up the inside of the hole in the roof with wood and then sheathing, then placed two layers of aluminum roofing material on the new sheathing under the existing roof material,  then caulked all seams.
  • cut the grass around the preserve entrance and building;
  • walked the trials and placed about 30 markers where they were missing or inadequate (as I walked I noticed 4 good sized trees down on the preserve trails;
  • when back on the trails with chainsaw and removed all the trees from the trails;
  • painted the trim around the preserve building with white semigloss exterior paint.

I left the preserve at 5:15 and got home about 5:45.

Long day – about 9.5 volunteer hours.

I plan to get there again in 2 weeks to cut the grass before I go away for a vacation.