Dear friends,

As buds emerge from the thawing ground and bird songs fill the air, I can’t help but think that we’re finally pushing through hopefully what will be the worst of a public health pandemic. And now we need to turn our attention and ability to survive and thrive to an emerging threat in our community: Saratoga County’s farmland and natural habitats are in danger.

Farmland and Natural Habitats are shrinking

Did you know that from 2012 to 2017 the county lost 9% of its farms? That’s a loss of 4 acres a day – for 5 years. Not only does this endanger access to local food supply, but it also hurts the region’s economy, taking jobs away from current and prospective farmers and stifling local businesses.

Similarly, forests provide natural habitat for animals that need or thrive under conditions found in the deep woods — 60% of all at-risk species rely on forests. With Saratoga County topping charts for population growth in New York State, land conversion and forest fragmentation continue to threaten wildlife habitat and migratory corridors in the place that you call home.


Supporting Conservation in Saratoga County

But we’re here to say that there are success stories, too. Take Ruth Drumm for example, who, with help from Saratoga PLAN, recently conserved the 170-acre Drumm Farm in Schuylerville, NY. “It was my husband’s wish to protect this land and I have finally succeeded in doing it,” Ruth said. It gets even better: Ruth rents the farmland to Koval Bros. Dairy which grows hay on the property for their dairy operation, supplying Stewart’s Shops with fresh local milk for area families. How’s that for a local feedback loop!

The best part is that you can help write more success stories for farmland protection, woodland conservation, your health, and the health of Saratoga County’s wildlife for current and future generations. Your support:

  •  keeps local farmland in production by protecting it in perpetuity
  • builds public access trails on land you helped protect
  • ensures Saratoga PLAN can be part of conservation conversations with communities to ensure a future that safeguards natural resources

2021 Saratoga PLAN Conservation Projects

Help write the happy ending for these 2021 projects and more:

  • Protect 730 acres of fertile farmland on 9 farms in Saratoga County
  • Break ground on the Sarah B. Foulke Friendship Trail System in the Palmertown Range
  • Put the finishing touches on 3 miles of newly opened trails along Glowegee Creek

What part will you play in the Saratoga County conservation success story?

Support your health and the health of the environment by making a gift to Saratoga PLAN’s Annual Fund.

With deep appreciation,

Will Orthwein
Will Orthwein, Chair, Board of Directors

P.S. We can’t wait to share the stories of the impact your gift makes!