The Palmertown Conservation Area stretches from Moreau Lake State Park and the Village of Corinth in the north to Saratoga Spa State Park in the south, and from Route 9 in the east to Route 9N in the west. The area includes some of the wildest and most natural terrain in Saratoga County, with unfragmented forests providing important wildlife habitat and timber and protecting the headwaters of the Snook Kill and Kayaderosseras Creek. The area being studied encompasses 63 square miles.

Over 40 local residents and community leaders gathered in the Greenfield Community Center to learn more about the Palmertown region, and to provide valuable local knowledge and personal perspectives on important areas to protect, key destinations, natural areas appropriate for various recreational uses, and ways to enhance economic opportunities for those who live and work in the region. Participants were able to study and mark up maps with useful information.

“The collective wisdom, talents and enthusiasm of the workshop participants was impressive and encouraging. Working together, the Palmertown area can remain and flourish as an intact landscape, both environmentally and economically,” said Maria Trabka, Saratoga PLAN’s Executive Director.

“We are grateful to everyone who attended this workshop, providing ideas and insight into the next steps for developing a Palmertown Conservation Master Plan,” said Katie Petronis, OSI’s Northern Program Director. “Saratoga County has great potential to become a new center for outdoor recreational activities and this plan will identify conservation corridors and recreational areas, that, if protected, will create regional connectivity, bolster the recreational and forest economy in Saratoga County, and increase public access to trails.”

This workshop is the beginning of a community planning process for the Southern Palmertown region intended to develop a strategy that is responsive to local values and concerns. Local residents are encouraged to fill out a short online survey to provide their perspective on conservation, recreation, and economic development for the area. Call or email Saratoga PLAN at 518-587-5554 to get a link to the online survey or to sign up to receive notices of upcoming activities related to the Southern Palmertown region.

For more information on the Palmertown Conservation Area and the community planning process click here.