The Community Farm at Pitney Meadows presents a unique opportunity to connect the people of Saratoga County with the land that sustains us. We envision an agricultural hub that will provide local residents access to fresh produce and opportunities to enjoy the land through community gardening and educational programs, while simultaneously supporting critical small-scale and regional agri-business in a variety of ways.

PLAN has been working diligently to negotiate the terms of the agricultural conservation easement that will define how this cherished land can be used in perpetuity. The process is complex, as we need to honor both the 150-year legacy of the Pitney family and guarantee the farm has the flexibility to serve our community in future decades, but we remain optimistic that our collaborative approach will result in the best possible outcome (learn more about conservation easements on our website!).

Today we are $600,000 away from reaching our goal. We are asking you to please share your enthusiasm for this project with your friends and neighbors. We need your help in building momentum to push this project across the finish line!

Thank you again for your commitment to conservation and improving the quality of life in Saratoga County. Don’t forget to follow the Community Farm at Pitney Meadows on Facebook to stay informed about this exciting project.