saratoga county trails maps

Over the last 10 years Saratoga PLAN has helped develop over 200 miles of recreational and alternative-transportation trails throughout the county. The trails, trailheads, parking areas and canoe launch sites in Saratoga County have been mapped and are available on-line in a variety of ways.

NYS GIS Clearinghouse for use with Google Maps
Look for the Saratoga County Trails kmz file (at bottom). Right click on “other” button.
Click on “copy shortcut” in the drop-down box, then open Google Maps and paste the shortcut you just copied into  the  search bar of Google Maps. Zoom in, out, or pan to focus in the area you want to view. This can be used as a quick way to get directions to a trail’s parking location or trailhead. You can also get a pop-up box of information on the trail by clicking on the trail.

NYS GIS Clearinghouse for use with Google Earth
Download and SAVE .KMZ file to your computer for use with Google Earth (If you do not already have Google Earth installed, click HERE to download and install.) Open your .KMZ file.  Google Earth should then open automatically and zoom to Saratoga County. You can turn different layers on and off by expanding the “Layers” tab in the “Places” table on the left side of the screen. To see a trail’s slope and elevation change, right mouse click on a trail and select “show elevation profile”.

Saratoga County GIS Site
Click on Parks and Recreation in map layers to view the layers and turn them on, then zoom in and use the identify tool to select a trail for more information about its uses, surface, management, etc.

NYS GIS Clearinghouse for use with your own GIS or ArcGIS Explorer
download GEODATABASE or SHAPEFILE for use with your own GIS (or click here to download and install AcrGIS Explorer, a free program that will allow you to view either of these files). You can use the Query feature in this program to find trails of a certain type of those that allow certain uses.

If you notice any inaccuracies, please contact Troy Hilts, Saratoga County Planning Department via email.

In addition, there are several other trails resources available in Saratoga County

    Saratoga Springs Greenbelt Trail

    Residents are working to create a trail loop that circles Saratoga Springs, connecting people with nature. The goal is to link three existing city trails—Railroad Run, Spring Run Trail and the Bog Meadow Trail—with downtown and key destinations, including the YMCA, Spa State Park, Skidmore College, Saratoga National Golf Course and more.

    Champlain Canalway Trail

    (Saratoga and Washington counties)
    This in-progress 71-mile route stretches from Waterford to Whitehall along the old Champlain Canal, which connects Lake Champlain to the Hudson River. The trail will make use of historic towpaths, existing local and regional trails, and Champlain Canal shoreline to connect key historic and cultural sites. Some communities already have trail sections completed or underway.

    did you know…

    Saratoga PLAN has helped develop over 200 miles of recreational and alternative-transportation trails throughout the county.