There are plenty of informative and engaging environmental podcasts that focus on the natural world. From including farmers in the conservation conversation to stories about fighting climate change, here are some great environmental podcasts that are sure to teach you something new.

For the natural history crowd: Tree’s a Crowd 

This podcast, hosted by actor and wildlife enthusiast David Oakes, focuses on natural history and often features scientists, artists, and environmentalists as guests. Topics range from the historical significance of cherry trees, to Shakespeare’s symbolic use of flowers, to the replanting of ancient Irish forests. Conversations between the host and the guests highlight the importance of each episode topic and personal stories often illuminate each guest’s own connection to the environment. Every episode leaves the listener with both an army of interesting facts and a better understanding of the relationship between humanity and nature.   

Available on iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, or Overcast. 

For those curious about climate solutions: How to Save a Planet  

Marine biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and journalist Alex Blumberg host this podcast assessing the impacts of climate change and exploring possible solutions using science and policy. The podcast also features climate reporters and interviews with experts like National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy. While several episodes focus on the science behind solving climate change, others explore the intersection of climate change and social justice, discussing everything from Indigenous rights to the ethics of renewable energy. The hosts keep listeners engaged while asking serious questions about the future of our planet by adding some lightheartedness and optimism to each episode.  

Available on iTunes and Spotify. 

For the agriculture lover: Farm to Table Talk 

This podcast is a fantastic introduction to the world of agriculture, something that affects each of our lives. Created by farmers for farming enthusiasts and consumers, this podcast highlights the voices of American farmers, from small organic operations to large dairy farms country-wide. Host Rodger Wasson emphasizes the inclusion of farmers in conversations about the environment by discussing the issues that affect farmers and the future of agriculture. Recent episodes provide perspectives about the effects of the pandemic on farmers and past topics include farmer protests, nutrition, and revitalizing rural areas.  

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn.

For those looking for variety: Outside/In 

Want to stay updated on the most relevant environmental concerns? Look no further! This podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio explores a range of topics and current stories about the environment. Host Sam Evans-Brown delves into discoveries in scientific and energy-related fields and pressing concerns about pollution and environmental degradation. Some episodes focus on broad topics like carbon sequestration in forests and climate migration, while others focus on questions about the natural world. This podcast is great for learning more about a little bit of everything. 

Available on iTunes and Spotify.