In addition to these public events, co-sponsored and co-managed by Alta Planning and Design and the Open Space Institute (OSI), Saratoga PLAN released a survey to gather information and insights from the public. The survey asked respondents to indicate their current interests and preferences in relation to the study area. The survey also posed questions on how to best proceed in the future.

In addition, key stakeholders were identified by Saratoga PLAN and OSI and were invited to an in-depth interview to more fully share their local knowledge about the study area and further illuminate the priorities and needs in the region. To encourage candor, Alta Planning and Design conducted these 15-30 minute conversations in confidence.

Key findings of this work include strong agreement that the area is well suited to conservation and recreation, and many people are enthusiastic about the idea of a ridgeline trail connecting Moreau Lake State Park to Saratoga Springs. Stakeholders overwhelmingly support muscle-powered recreation activities. To implement the plan, stakeholders indicated a preference for a nonprofit organization or a public-private partnership to take the lead.

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