In early June 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo vowed to sign the Climate Leadership and Community Production Act into law. The bill has has already passed in the Senate and the Assembly.

Here are some of the key propositions included in the bill:
  • 100% carbon-free electricity throughout NYS by 2040.
  • An 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in NYS by 2050.
  • The remaining 20% of greenhouse gases are slated to be offset by ecosystem restoration, carbon capture, and other green projects aimed at reducing carbon. Large woodlands, like the numerous Saratoga PLAN preserves filled with groves of hemlock, maple and birch, among others, serve as an example of natural carbon capture systems that could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The bill also highlights the creation of new task forces including NYS office of climate change, the renewable energy task force, and the sea level rise task force. NYS also plans to work jointly with other states on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the creation of a regional low carbon fuel standard.

PLAN is thrilled to be conserving land in a state dedicated to taking action against climate change. With the threat of rising temperatures and increased extreme weather patterns, protecting our natural resources has never been more critical than it is now. Here’s to taking part in our access to fresh air, clean water, healthy food, and natural spaces.

NYS is doing its part. Are you?