Your voice is needed to support farmland protection and farmland access programs in the state budget.

NYS Farms are Threatened

Development pressures are threatening the $44 billion farm and food economy. Between 2001 and 2016, New York lost or fragmented over a quarter of a million acres of farmland. Saratoga County in particular has seen extensive farmland conversion as a result of its fast-paced growth as a county, one of the fastest in NYS.

Additionally, one-third of New York’s farmers are over the age of 65. It’s critical to support these farmers in transitioning their land to a new generation of farmers, or they (and their communities) risk losing the farmland for good.

YOU can help

Act NOW: Use the link below to write to your state representatives asking for their support for programs which help New York farmers keep their land in farming and bring a diverse new generation of farmers onto the land.

No Farms No Food

With just one click, send a customized letter directly to your state representatives in support of strong funding for protecting our farmland and keeping farmers on the land in New York!

THANK YOU for your support! Every voice counts.