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Conservation Conversation Held in Malta

Topics discussed included currently conserved lands in Malta, five different options for conserving farms and other properties, town regulations, and the pluses and minuses of different approaches to protecting nature spaces. Trabka also provided information on the...

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Exploring Lake Bonita in Moreau Lake State Park

The islands are in an acidic environment which supports unique flora such as pitcher plants. The group appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the park, and can engage in future events through Saratoga PLAN and with Moreau Lake State Park staff who facilitate...

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Counting Birds in Skidmore’s North Woods

Bird counts are important in order to monitor and study the complex distribution and movements of so many species in such a short time. Events like this help to describe the “big picture” of bird populations. Visit to view a live map of counts...

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PLAN Partners with Kawing Crow Awareness Center

  PLAN’s first event focused on active forest management to address beech bark disease and deer overbrowse in Lincoln Mountain State Forest led by DEC Forester Rich McDermott, and included a visit to ancient Black Gum trees. The second event toured winter...

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Group gets $1.5M to help preserve farmland in Saratoga County

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that Saratoga PLAN — a private, nonprofit, conservation organization — will receive $1.5 million for two projects to help preserve farmland in Saratoga County. Maria Trabka, executive director of Saratoga PLAN (which stands for...

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Saratoga PLAN conserves 246-acres in the Town of Ballston

“My family purchased Hawkwood in 1936 at a farm auction,” said John Taylor. “For many years the fields were used for farming, and some of my fondest memories are of picking wild strawberries, which grew abundantly in several meadows that are now the woods that are...

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