Benefits of Getting Outside

A recent study found that just 20 minutes outside can have short-term, stress-reducing effects on the brain.

And that’s just one of the innumerable benefits of local trails.

From improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being, to providing nature education and adventure opportunities, trail networks are teaming with perks and possibilities for individuals, families, and communities. 

Over the last year, visitation to Saratoga PLAN nature preserves skyrocketed and remains high. We couldn’t be happier that the community is making use of the natural spaces that we’ve helped develop and maintain here in Saratoga County. Thanks for recreating with us!

Celebrating Trails

In honor of National Trails Day on June 5, we invite you to celebrate with us:

1. Share your story with us.

How has visiting Saratoga PLAN trails impacted you? What keeps you coming back? We’d love to know. Email with your narrative.

2. Visit a preserve – with a trash bag in tow. 

While we work diligently to keep trails clean, 12 locations and 25 miles adds up! If you’re heading out on the trail, consider bringing along a bag and gloves in case you come across some litter. It really does make a difference.

3. Invest in your local land trust and in your health. 

We’re here to build and maintain trails, but we can’t do it without your support. For every $1 invested in building trails there is a direct correlation to $3 of saved medical costs.

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Thank you for recreating with Saratoga PLAN!