There are 12 chefs, over 20 vendors, over 60 farms, and hundreds of people expected for the 2019 Feast of the Fields. We’ll be slowly releasing our menu of vendors, chefs and farms.

Old Tavern Farm Winery


This is Old Tavern Farm Winery’s first year at Feast. The owners of Old Tavern Farm, a thoroughbred-breeding farm, “have been supporters of PLAN and their mission” as the winery owner,  Nicole, states.  Nicole opened the winery in 2017 and as a supporter of locally grown food, is growing grape plants to be harvested in 3 years. As the fruit is maturing, Old Tavern Farm Winery sources their grapes from a carefully selected patch in California. We are so excited to have Old Tavern Winery bring their amazing wine to this years Feast of the Fields!


Featherbed Lane Farm


photo by Tory Shelley

Farmer Tim Biello strives to run a successful farm business that produces nutritious foods while building soils, caring for their livestock, stewarding the land, respecting their employees and contributing to the community. We are thrilled to have continued support from Tim and Featherbed Lane Farm!





Chef David Britton


Meet Chef David Britton, of Siro’s Restaurant, our newest Chef for Feast of the Fields. Chef Britton is the new Executive Chef of Siro’s, but you may know him from Pie-on-wheels, or maybe you have seen him on Restaurant Impossible as a Sous Chef. He is known for being a supporter of sustainable local cuisine. We wish Chef Britton the best of luck in his new position and are thrilled he has joined our fabulous Feast of the Fields team!