Denison Farm

Denison Farm is committed to organic agriculture and is “Certified Naturally Grown.” The 164-acre Schaghticoke, NY farm is comprised of rich bottomland, wooded ridges, pasture, hayfields, marshes, and streams. The farm has a 21-year history of organic management and CSA marketing. PLAN is super excited to have Denison Farm’s continued involvement and fresh produce at Feast of the Fields!


BLG Farms

BLG Farms is a family-run farm based in Ballston Spa. BLG Farm’s mission is to provide exceptional products to their customers and to promote development of the local farming community.  With the decline of available farmland and struggles in financial sustainability, it is essential to share knowledge and resources with others who have like-minded intent. The revolution to bring back locally grown, healthy, natural alternatives is growing. We are delighted to have BLG Farms at this year’s Feast of the Fields.

Chef Kim Klopstock

Meet Kim Klopstock, artist, owner, and chef of Lily and the Rose. Kim has been dedicated to clean, organic, bio-dynamical farmed foods long before it became trendy. It was a natural segue when she started her business to incorporate those ethics and ideals into her company. She specializes in organic, seasonal farm to fork, regionally sourced food.  We are thrilled to have Kim at this year’s at Feast of the Fields.



Chef Julian Medina

Julian Medina, acclaimed chef-owner of Toloache, Coppelia, Tacuba Mexican Cantina, La Chula Taqueria, TQS, and now Latineria, has been creating Mexican cuisine for 20 years. Raised in Mexico City, Julian was inspired by his father’s and grandfather’s authentic home cooking. You may have watched Chef Medina on Iron Chef America: Mexican Chocolate Battle back in 2011. We are so excited to have Chef Julian Medina back for another year of Feast of the Fields.