Chef Dan Spitz

We are delighted to have Chef Dan Spitz return for this year’s Feast of the Fields. He is the private chef and owner of FatNHappy, LLC catering in the Capital Region. Chef Dan spent the majority of his early years in Portland, Oregon, where he worked for elite West Coast restaurants as the executive chef. During his time there, he began to understand and care about agricultural sustainability. He recognizes the importance of pasture-raised, grass-fed animals and is proud to source 90% of his meats and produce from local farmers. Sustainability starts with the farmers, and Chef Dan hopes to provide them with venues so that people can understand what farmers do and how important their role is to our future and health. Dan Spitz will be using meat from St. Croix Farm and Mack Brook Farm.

St. Croix Farm

This conserved family farm in Valley Falls has been operated by the Moores since 1932. The farm was purchased by Ira and Louise Moore and operated as a dairy farm. Then their son Kenneth and his wife Beverly forged a new path with pasture-raised cattle. Their son John expanded the business to include pork, chickens, ducks, pheasants, and rabbits. St. Croix Farm is also a licensed pheasant shooting preserve. PLAN is thrilled to be working with the third generation of Moores at St. Croix Farm!

Mack Brook Farm

PLAN is excited to have meat from Mack Brook Farm for this year’s Feast of the Fields. This Farm raises their cattle humanely by feeding grass and hay from Mack Brook’s pastures and fields. This working fourth-generation farm is 300 acres in Argyle, NY, situated between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Mack Brook’s emphasis on good genetics gives their beef a superior flavor. Mack Brook uses no antibiotics, hormones or GMO in their feed. This pasture-based farming is environmentally sustainable, reducing fossil fuel and chemical use, soil erosion and enhancing soil composition.