Dating back to 1854, letterboxing has a long and interesting history of English origin. Saratoga PLAN has adapted this tradition to serve the community with letterboxing at PLAN’s nature preserves and partner trails. Each preserve and trail has a hidden letterbox and is paired with a set of clues to help you find it. When you find a letterbox, use the stamp inside to mark your PLAN Passport, and leave a comment or note by writing in the notebook or sending us one of the postcards included inside. When your passport is complete, come visit PLAN’s office in downtown Saratoga Springs to exchange for a special T-shirt.

This program is a favorite among parents with young children because it encourages kids to visit and interact with fourteen local natural areas, all of them providing unique ecological, cultural, or historical features to learn about and explore. The passports themselves can be used by anyone, young or old, and make a handy and portable reference for residents in the area, providing directions to all these great outdoor places within Saratoga County.

Passports can be picked up at PLAN’s office in Saratoga Springs, or at kiosks located at the trailheads of PLAN’s preserves. Stop in and meet the Saratoga PLAN team and read more about letterboxing here.