Round Goby

The round goby was introduced by ballast water in the 1990’s from Eurasia. These fish breed in massive numbers, out-competing many native fish for food and nesting sites. Have you ever reeled in a bait-less hook? Round gobies are also known to steal bait off fishing lines.

Asian Carp

In the 1970’s, the Asian carp was brought over from China as an inexpensive and fast-growing way to fill up the fish markets. These fish eat anywhere from 5-20% of their body weight daily. This creates competition with other native aquatic species for resources. They consume so much vegetation and that they can damage the waterfowl habitat, competing with the billion dollar waterfowl hunting industry.

Want to make a difference?

To fight these invasive fish, when you catch one, do not through it back in the water or use it as bait. If you see these species, you can report them to