It is the excitement of these moments that never leaves us. We all have stories to tell, stories that are relived for generations in our families, just as the little boy in this story will someday pass onto his grandchild the same thrilling experience of feeding a giant horse for the first time. And, that’s one of the reasons that I am so excited about the work of Saratoga PLAN – our community land trust, working to protect the places that you and I take our children to experience the same joys of discovery that we had when we were their age.

We all have traditions. Whether it’s taking the children to feed draft horses, gathering friends and family to climb a fire tower in the Adirondacks, or going on Sunday drives to collect fallen apples by the roadside to later feed the piglets at a neighboring farm. These are our heartfelt experiences; the same kinds of experiences we look forward to giving our children and children’s children.

It’s an incredible thing, wouldn’t you say, continuing family traditions on the land?

With your support, Saratoga PLAN is keeping family traditions alive. This year, after a decade of work, PLAN has provided you with the Spruce Mountain Trail and Fire Tower in Corinth, the Saratoga Siege Trail in the Village of Victory, and the Round Lake Preserve in the Town of Malta. Saratoga PLAN is continuing our collective history and heritage this year, with conservation of the Cocozzo Farm in Stillwater, so your view from the Battlefield will always be how you remember; and, with conservation of the Wm. H. Buckley Farm in Ballston Lake, so that all of us will forever be able to have our first farm experiences.

There are other significant places such as these, places that you may know well, that need your help now more than ever. 

Please join me in supporting this lasting conservation work by making a gift to the Annual Fund today. Your support is integral to PLAN’s efforts towards protecting this truly special place, work that ensures that all of our future children can engage with their families out on the land, continuing and creating traditions.

I’m thankful to Saratoga PLAN for ensuring that my family traditions, and yours, can be relived for generations to come. Please consider making a gift today, for our shared joys of discovery tomorrow.

Jenn Hunt Dempsey
Chair, Annual Fund Committee

P.S. Thank you for your support. Please keep PLAN in mind as you share in a new family tradition out on the land this year.