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So, what’s going on?

As beavers patch up their dams and build new ones, water is being diverted and flooding trails and neighboring lands. That’s why we’re calling on beaver expert Skip Lisle. He installed a successful beaver baffle system at our Bog Meadow Brook Trail.

How does it work?

Through Skip’s vast knowledge of how beavers build, he is able to work with them to keep their flooding and damming to a minimum. His beaver baffle system allows beavers to do their work creating valuable wetlands without causing conflicts with roads, trails, and other human projects. 

Long underwater piping is installed in locations where beavers have built dams or culverts.  This allows water to continue to leave the pond via an established stream rather than by flooding trails or neighboring properties.  Rain and snow melt contribute to the overflow.  Because of the piping system, beavers don’t sense the water escaping and don’t try to patch any holes.

Want more information?

Watch this detailed presentation from Skip Lisle where he outlines his invention and focuses on the project specific site at Galway Preserve.

How can I help?

We’re raising money to cover the cost of installing a beaver baffle. Whether you donate $5 or $500 – any amount helps. Our goals is to raise $3,000. Here’s to maintaining trails that offer education, exercise and experiences to our community.

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Kindly make a note that it is for the beavers. 

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Thank you for your support of this long-term solution!