Unfortunately, last year’s fall colors weren’t anything special. This year however, things are looking up. And you should be too, because the fall foliage is expected to be nothing short of spectacular. 

That’s why we’re sharing with you three Saratoga PLAN trails to visit to fully bask in the autumnal greatness. 

1. Barkersville Trails

There’s one tree in particular on this trail that stands out no matter the season, but there’s something about seeing it against a multi-colored backdrop that is just absolutely jaw-dropping. You can’t miss this breathtaking 5-trunked oak. Situated directly beside the marked trail, it will stop you in your tracks.

2. Bog Meadow Brook Trail

With its trailhead just minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs, Bog Meadow is worth a lunch break walk or a weekend wander. If you time it just right, this is a great place to walk beneath the arching trees while leaves drop from the branches. I like to call it “nature’s confetti”. Further down, the trail opens up to a wetland, giving you a glimpse of fall colors reflected in the water.

3. Glowegee Creek Trail South

With varying terrain and forest habitats, Glowegee Creek Trails (South) is full of foliage surprises. The contrast of new growth forest against dense stands of hemlock is especially noticeable during this time of transition. Please note that the North entrance is closed. 

Happy leaf peeping! P.S. We love to “tag” along on your adventures. Share your photos with us by tagging @saratogaplan on Instagram and Facebook. 

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