friendship trails

The Sarah B. Foulke Friendship Trails, a planned network of trails in Northern Saratoga County, emphasize celebrating friendship, building community, and connecting people from all walks of life to nature and to each other.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors.

When more people have more meaningful experiences outdoors, their quality of life, health, and social well-being improve and in turn their communities become stronger and more sustainable.

How do you use the outdoors?

In late 2020, we released a survey asking local individuals and organizations about what kinds of trails and outdoor experiences people want and how they use the outdoors. Over 1,000 people completed the survey. The responses were used by the trail planners when making recommendations for the types of trails to build and were incorporated into the Master Trail Plan for the Friendship Trails. You can read the Master Plan, and survey results, here.

What will the Friendship Trails be like?

  • The Friendship Trails will include a variety of outdoor activities designed to accommodate a range of users and abilities.
  • Some trails may be wooded paths that are accessible to outdoor wheelchairs.
  • Others may have “hard-pack” crushed stone surfaces suitable for walkers, traditional wheelchairs, and strollers.
  • There will also be more rugged trails designed for mountain bikers, equestrians, and hikers.
  • Trails will be of varying lengths, including short loops and long distance connectors.

To find out more about the Friendship Trails including the goals of the trails, plans for inclusiveness, and the progress of the project, read the Frequently Asked Questions below

What will I see along the Friendship Trails?

  • The trails will be a great place to bird watch. Birds love wooded areas and open grassy fields.

  • This area of the Adirondack Foothills has many beautiful wetlands and waterways including streams and lakes.
  • Overlooks on trails can provide beautiful, far-reaching views.
  • There are varying landscapes, ranging from deciduous woods to open bogs.
  • You’ll likely see other people enjoying the trails as well!