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Cooking is truly a lifetime passion for culinary artist Fabrizio Bazzani, Executive Chef at Chianti Il Ristorante. He was born in Isola della Scala, Italy, and grew up between Bovolone and Bardolino, where he spent most of his time in the kitchen with his Mamma Mara and Grandma Afra as they cooked homemade meals every day. As a child, Fabrizio came to cultivate the idea that cooking is an expression of love. 

“I discovered a magnetic attraction to food at a young age. My family has always considered food as a primary activity, a need… not just for gatherings, but also for pleasure,”  Fabrizio says of his beginnings. 


SUNY Adirondack Culinary Instructor Chef Matthew Bolton is also a SUNY Adirondack Culinary alumni and former executive chef at the award-winning restaurant Friends Lake Inn. Chef Bolton started as a dishwasher in high school and moved up the ranks, achieving sous chef by completion of culinary school.  

Following his passion for culinary and wanting to find it in others, he now teaches students what it takes to plan, prepare and serve in a fast-paced restaurant environment.  

David Britton | PIES ON WHEELS

For the last few years, David has been hard at work creating Dakine Cuisine, his company which develops and manufactures artisan, specialty food products that include Golden Sriracha, a variety of Aioli’s and twenty-one flavors of Agrodolce. The company also operates a mobile food truck company under the name of “Pies on Wheels” that specializes in wood fired pizza and cuisine and caters throughout the Capital District and Upstate New York.

Dakine Cuisine is a combination of David’s passions, experience and travels around the world. “After years of classic conventional cooking in the traditional kitchen atmosphere, I find myself a culinary mercenary and decided to create a free spirited project to practice my craft”.

Rose Contadino | MANGIAMO

Rose Contadino is the owner and chef of Mangiamo. Her passion for food and cooking started at an early age. As a first-generation Italian-American, she grew up cooking the traditional food of Calabria with her grandmother and mother.

Mangiamo began in 2018 at the Saratoga Farmers Market. After 2 years at the Market, Rose started looking for a kitchen to expand her business. Instead she found a retail space and opened Mangiamo on 75 Woodlawn Avenue, in downtown Saratoga. She has provided many of the local restaurants with her homemade pasta. Her pastas are made from fresh, local ingredients.


Mrs. London’s is a boutique bakery and cafe rooted in the French culinary tradition.  From our historic Broadway location in Saratoga Springs, our bakery has offered an extensive repertoire of breakfast pastries, breads, desserts, drinks and savory lunch options for over 20 years. 

Mrs. London’s food is of the highest quality, created from scratch using superior ingredients and served in the freshest fashion possible.

Dave Pedinotti | MOUZON HOUSE

Chef Pedinotti of the Mouzon House restaurant in Saratoga Springs has developed his own approach to farm-to-table dining, committing himself to providing his customers both high quality and sustainable food. He has dedicated himself to preparing food with ingredients from local farms and vendors, which has allowed him to create delicious food from organic vegetables, and free-range, hormone and chemical free meats. Through Mouzon House, he is able to support both local farms and organically grown produce while providing great food. 

Gordon Sacks | 9 MILES EAST

Chef Gordon Sacks is the proud founder of 9 Miles East Farm and has been farming sustainably in the gently rolling 29 acres of clay loam soil 9 miles east of Saratoga Springs since 2004.

The farm focuses on growing safe, healthy vegetables and preparing high quality food for their customers and has been doing and is dedicated to making it easy for local citizens to eat nutritious food. So dedicated, in fact, that they deliver home grown meals and catering around the area.  

Luiza Trabka


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