browerA winner of the 2015 Rising Star Chef title from the Albany Chef’s Food & Wine Festival, Chef Ian Brower is a welcomed addition to the talented Feast chefs. At Chef Brower’s station, guests will savor grilled rabbit sausage with corn and pickled plums as well as heirloom tomato salad with pickled red onions and cheese curds.

A native of Troy, NY, Chef Brower helped open the Gastropub in 2013 after moving back to the capital region from Burlington, Vermont. As a chef, Brower emphasizes cooking with local ingredients as most of the produce, meat, dairy, and poultry at the Gastropub is sourced locally. According to one of the owners, Adam Baker, the restaurant is “85% farm–to-table.”

On September 17th, Feast-goers will be treated to one of Chef Brower’s signature preparations, pickles. Also one of his favorite food foods, Chef Brower states that pickles “don’t need to be complicated or time-consuming;” they add the perfect acidic crunch to any dish. Don’t miss out on Chef Brower’s signature pickles that accompany his dishes for Feast! Make your reservation today.