kimSeptember 17th guests will be treated to the culinary masterpieces of Chef Kim Klopstock, a chef dedicated to clean, organic, and biodynamical “farm-to- table” eating. For Feast, Chef Klopstock will use seasonal and regional ingredients sourced from Longlesson, Lewis Waite, and Pleasant Valley Farms. Don’t miss out, make your reservations to attend Feast of the Fields on September 17th.

For the past thirty years, Chef Klopstock has engaged in sustainable cooking, sourcing, and eating practices. At Denison University, Chef Klopstock attended a farm program that introduced her to eco-friendly living. From then on, Chef Klopstock became extremely aware about reducing her carbon footprint and even lived in a nudist colony to try to minimize her consumption of resources. After realizing that she was removing herself from society and unable to make an impact upon others, Chef Klopstock moved back to Saratoga County and began operating under the motto of living as sustainably as possible with the means available.

Chef Klopstock has had many traveling adventures with her catering company and restaurant—a recent adventure brought her to Central Park to cater David Letterman’s holiday party! She has also generously served numerous philanthropic not-for-profit organizations including Planned Parenthood, Farm Aid, Double H Hole in the Woods, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.