Saratoga Juice Bar will be serving up their refreshing and nutritious fruit and veggie juices. Their cold-pressed juices are totally handcrafted. They use a cold, raw process so you get 100% of the vitamins, minerals and live enzymes in natural, whole foods. You can visit them at 382 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, or find their juices in many local food stores and shops if you need to sample before Feast!

Saratoga Courage will be pouring their moonshines – Devils Den Apple Pie and Devils Den Strawberry Jam. Holly and Serge Shishik started their distillery in 2013 with the goal of creating locally made products that compete with the finest spirits from around the world. They offer their Pick Six Vodka as well as their two moonshines for sale on their website. Their distillery is perched in the foothills of the Palmertown Mountain Range. Their well provides mountain filtered water prior to it hitting the mineral rich springs in Saratoga. The water used to produce their spirits comes directly from that well without any additional processing. It was evaluated by industry experts and received accolades for its purity. “The well was dug and the rest was history.”

Fossil Stone Vineyard is located on a historic farm established circa 1802 just five miles north of Saratoga Springs. In 1802, Eliju Wing settled this 150-acre farm in Greenfield, raising horses. In the spirit of preservation, its current owners, Michael and Kelly Spiak, still farm those very fields. After years of traveling and visiting vineyards all over the world, Michael discovered a passion for growing grapes. Their 2015 LaCrescent and Marquette are for sale on their website, but if you want to learn more about their involvement and events in the community definitely check out their Facebook page. We are looking forward to having their wine at this year’s Feast!

Common Roots Brewing Company opened their taproom doors in December 2014. They continue to produce a variety of beers that all palates can relate to and enjoy. Part of their company’s philosophy is to run their business in a way that creates the least amount of stress on local resources and also minimizes the size of their waste stream. This makes them a perfect partner with PLAN. We are very excited to have them back offering tastings of their beer at Feast.

West Wind Acres creates superior meats through fresh, clean pastures, rotational grazing, non-gmo grains (for pigs and chickens), a low-stress life, and responsible husbandry. Their tasty meats are nutritionally dense, lean, and have a high percentage of protein. They raise chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, and beef on pastures using management intensive rotational grazing. They strive to keep their animals in clean, fresh paddocks with lush plants to forage on, and raise them as if they were free. West Wind Acres is another long time supporter of Feast of the Fields and all that PLAN does, which we are very thankful for. You’ll have the opportunity to taste their quality meats in many dishes and appetizers at Feast of the Fields.

Rock Hill Bakehouse and Cafe is a long-time supporter of Feast of the Fields and PLAN. “Real food made by real people” – they have  European breads, biscotti, scones, cookies and muffins made from scratch along with fair trade coffees and organic teas. A perfect spot for breakfast and lunch. Matt, the owner and head baker at Rock Hill, said, “This event (Feast of the Fields) is great to show off all of our breads made with regional flours.” They are also generously donating a gift for auction that our guests will be able to bid on.

 Artisanal Brew Works is proudly owned and operated by Kurt Borchardt and Colin Quinn, both of whom are teachers at Saratoga Springs High School. Artisanal makes world-class beer in upstate New York with local ingredients. This microbrewery is located at 41 Geyser Road in Saratoga Springs. Artisanal Brew Works’ mission is to create craft fresh artisanal ales that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Upstate Distilling Co. is located at 41 Geyser Geyser Road (in the same building as Artisanal, though they are not affiliated) in Saratoga Springs. Ryen Van Hall, the owner, was born and raised in Saratoga Springs. He bought the site for Upstate Distilling Co. in 2015 and turned a former bike factory into the distillery.  Ryen and his team now distill some of the finest hand-crafted spirits from locally sourced ingredients, including world famous Saratoga Springs water. Stop by their location to tour their facilities and then visit the tasting bar. We are thrilled to have them pour some of their vodka and whiskeys at Feast this year!

Bowman Orchards features 46 varieties of apples grown on 98 acres in Rexford. They bring refreshing apple cider to Feast! They invite you to enjoy nature’s beauty on their land, and most items are available for your family to enjoy picking. They also have strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, pears, peaches, blackberries, and much more! Their trees are low to the ground so usually ladders aren’t needed; however, they are available to use if you need them. Enjoy the farm animals too. They have pigs, sheep, goats, horses, and a cow waiting for your attention.

R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery is located on a farm in Hebron, where you can visit their beautiful farm brewery and tap room.

They grew out of the idea that beer is an agricultural product and should be enjoyed by beer drinkers as such. Their founder and brewer, R.S., believes that in order to truly appreciate the beverage in your pint glass, you need to see, feel and smell the ingredients that go into it. So, R.S. decreed that the only appropriate place to brew his fine ales was in farm country. R.S. set out to build the most beautiful farm brewery in America in what is arguably one of the most beautiful farm counties in America.  And now they have expanded to include another tap room serving delicious ales in downtown Saratoga Springs.


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