1. Go Letterboxing in PLAN’s preserves

    It’s the ultimate scavenger hunt. Spend the day outside with family and friends looking for hidden treasure in nature’s nooks and crannies. Pack a picnic lunch for an adventurous day on the trail. Learn more about Saratoga PLAN’s letterboxing and Nature Passport program here.

  2. Donate in honor of your Dad, husband, or Great Uncle Jimmy

    Act on all of that love and make a contribution to conservation. Donating to PLAN’s ongoing conservation work is a celebratory way to honor the days spent in the woods, out in the field, or on the lake with your No.1 father figure.

  3. Use Amazon Smile

    Binoculars, boating gear, a good book – it’s all on Amazon and Amazon Smile. The difference is that when you use Amazon Smile, Amazon donates to Saratoga PLAN. Same service, different URL. Click here to shop for smiles.