landowner stories

Saratoga PLAN has been conserving Saratoga County’s special places since 1991.

Each and every protected property has a story, reminding us that conservation is not just about the land, but is also about the people that call these places home.

PLAN is first and foremost a community resource, giving landowners in Saratoga County the opportunity to fulfill their own personal conservation goals and wishes.

So why conserve the Saratoga landscape? Let some of our conservation partners speak for themselves and share their own stories and experiences on why land conservation was the right choice for them! Click Here to View our New Landowner Story Map or scroll below to choose a particular story that interests you.

Bob and Barbara Thomas:

Thomas Conservation Easement and Kayaderosseras Creek Preserve

“Being outside in the natural environment just makes you feel good. We want others to be able to share that experience.”  Barbara Thomas

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Christine and Jim McKnight:

Coldbrook Preserve

“We always had dreamed of making this property available to the public for hiking and nature study.” Christine McKnight

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The Foster Family:

Foster Sheep Farm Conservation Easement

“Conserving my land means looking beyond my lifetime, both backward and forward, to honor those who came before and those will follow.” Tom Foster

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The Hennigs:

Hennig Preserve

“We are pleased that Saratoga PLAN has agreed to accept the donation of our land and will care for its stewardship in coming years.” Bob Hennig

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Marion, Joe and Carol Bruchac:

Ndakinna Nature Preserve and Bucket Pond Conservation Easements

“I’ve often heard it said that we humans are meant to be the caretakers of the land. But I believe it is more than that. We are the land, that’s what my elders taught me, and as the land goes, so do we.” Joe Bruchac

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Martha Carver and Mike Spiak:

Carver Farm Conservation Easement

“We have to grow, we have to develop, but you have to be careful how you do it.” Mike Spiak

“A complete life is a life following and observing nature, and preserving nature.” Martha Carver

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Sandy Whitesell and John R. Wolfe:

Patricia S. Whitesell Conservation Easement

“Sandy loved wildlife – she wanted a place where wildlife could thrive, now and in the future. Conserving this property pays tribute to that vision of the land being a refuge for nature.”John R. Wolfe

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