Barkersville Trails

Dolores Arste and David Hickey wanted others to enjoy their land as much as they have. They reached out to Saratoga PLAN in 2016 and, after consulting and exploring options, donated a conservation easement over their 168-acre property in late 2019.

Two trails, together offering 2.5 miles of hiking on the property, were built by volunteers from 2018-2020. Sections of today’s trails are located on corridors originally developed for horseback riding and for training sled dogs, pastimes that Dolores and David enjoyed. At one time there were as many 90 dogs living here. Parrish Trail and Derby Path are named after two of their favorite dogs – keeping the “bark” in the Barkersville Trails!

The lush, wooded forest is full of life, from a fern-carpeted forest floor to birds singing in the trees. Look for signs of these species while on trail: barred owl, spotted salamander, sensitive fern, porcupine and downy woodpecker.

Rules for The Preserve

This preserve is open to the public for nature study, walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing . Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times; please clean up after your pet.

The following activities are NOT permitted on the preserve:

  • Cutting, digging, removing, or damaging any tree, shrub, flower, or plant;
  • Hunting, trapping, removing, harassing, touching or feeding wildlife;
  • Use of firearms, paint ball devices, or artificial light;
  • Motorized vehicles, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.;
  • Alcohol or illegal substances; and
  • Camping or igniting fires.

Please follow the rules so that this resource can continue to be accessible to the community.


Barkersville Trails is located on Silcox Road off of Barkersville Road in Galway, NY.

From Saratoga Springs, follow route 9N-N and after 3 miles turn left on Middle Grove Road. Follow the road for 7.8 miles and turn right on NY-29 W. Just after 2 miles turn right on Barkersville Road. Make your first right on Silcox Road.

Google Maps here!


If you care about the air you breathe, water you drink, places in which you recreate and the wildlife that inhabits them, supporting PLAN is an actionable way to protect resources that sustain you.

You can also make a donation by mailing a check to 112 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12203, or by credit card over the phone (518-587-5554).


WARNING: Mother bear and cubs have been spotted at this preserve. Proceed with caution. 

Quick Facts

Sunrise to sunset

Barkersville Trails were the former training grounds for sled dogs!