Trails in Saratoga County

Explore and enjoy PLAN’s 13 preserves with over 25 miles of trails, free and open to the public year-round.

Connecting people to nature is increasingly important in an age of sedentary lifestyles.
We hope you enjoy visiting these special places as much as we enjoy creating and caring for them.


Saratoga PLAN believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. As such, we are actively learning how we can increase accessibility of trails in order to better serve the entire outdoor community.

Current Projects

Did You Know

Multi-use trails contribute greatly to a region’s quality of life. The National Association of Homebuilders lists trails as the number one amenity sought by prospective home buyers.

Numerous studies demonstrate that proximity to a public trail elevates property values.

Recreational and nature trails can help reduce stress and promote mental health.

Designing and constructing infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists generates significantly more jobs per mile than building roads (from a national study involving 11 cities.)

Preserves & Trails

partner trails

Over the past two decades, PLAN has helped develop 200+ miles of recreational trails across the county. Acting as a conservation partner with local municipalities, landowners, and volunteers, PLAN has played a crucial role in creating and maintaining popular trails.

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Your support makes it possible to create and maintain trails for outdoor recreation in Saratoga County.