We’ve all seen the importance of our public parks and natural resources during the last week or two as New Yorkers seek time out of their homes but apart from others.

As state budget negotiations near their end, we must continue to remind the Legislature and Governor about the importance of the Environmental Protection Fund to our communities for so many reasons – fresh local food, good paying jobs, local parks and waterfronts, clean water, waste management and pollution prevention.

The process can seem confusing and overwhelming so we created a three step process to make it easier for you to make a difference.


Step 1. Find out who your Saratoga County representative is by locating your town in the list below.

Mary Beth Walsh: 112th Assembly District
Towns: Greenfield, Providence, Galway, Milton, Charlton, Ballston, Clifton Park, Halfmoon
District office: 518-884-8010
Albany office: 518-455-5772

Carrie Woerner: 113th Assembly District
Towns: Malta, Stillwater, City of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, Wilton, Northumberland, Moreau
District office: 518-584-5493
Albany office: 518-455-5404

Dan Stec: 114th Assembly District
Towns: Corinth, Edinburg, Day, Hadley
District office: 518-792-4546
District office: 518-873-3803
Albany office: 518-455-5565

Senator James Tedisco: Senate District 49
Towns: Clifton Park, Ballston, Charlton, Malta, Milton, Galway, Providence, Edinburg, Corinth, Day, Hadley
District office: 518-885-1829
Albany office: 518-455-2181

Senator Daphne V. Jordan: Senate District 43
Towns: Waterford, Halfmoon, Stillwater, Saratoga, City of Saratoga Springs, Greenfield, Wilton, Northumberland, Moreau
District office: 518-371-2751
Albany office: 518-455-2381

Not in Saratoga County? Find your assembly member’s contact info here!


Please call your elected officials TODAY with these suggested talking points:

  1. I appreciate your being on the job, focused on the budget and the health of New Yorkers.
  2. We cannot forgo the health of our environment as this time. New York needs a $300M Environmental Protection Fund (EPF).
  3. Now more than ever, there can be NO RAID to offload agency staff costs. Please oppose the proposal in the Executive Budget to the use the EPF for agency personal services costs.While I support the need for strong staffing at environmental agencies, this use of the EPF is inappropriate.
  4. The Conservation Partnership Program, a line item in the EPF budget, is playing a vital role in providing open space for all New Yorkers. For example, Saratoga PLAN, my local land trust has 10 public preserves with over 22 miles of trails throughout Saratoga County. Other options for recreation and education are limited, these preserves are making an impact.
  5. The Conservation Easement Program will provide vital resources for our community at a very efficient cost. It will help forest owners who, for the most part, are of modest means while providing fresh air, clean water that everyone can benefit from.
  6. We need to continue to support our farmers through the EPF’s Farmland conservation projects. Farm conservation projects secure the land base for the agricultural and tourism industries and associated jobs, as well as contribute in other ways to sustaining quality communities throughout Saratoga County. PLAN anticipates conserving 820 acres in 2020. As a result, $3.2 million will be reinvested into the farming community.


3. Share this via email and social media TODAY. Our health, agricultural system, and the health of our environment are inextricably linked. Help amplify the message. #NYStateBudget, #NYEnviroFund #SpeakingUpForNYFarms


Thank you for recognizing the significance of the
Environmental Protection Fund. Your voice matters!