Sam Aldrich, the beloved husband of Phyllis Aldrich, a dear PLAN board member and force of nature unto herself, has left his family and community with the gift of short anecdotes from his life.

Phyllis announced the sale of Sam’s book today, “In memory of my amazing husband, I’m excited to announce the publication of “Zander-to-Sam”, a collection of his personal anecdotes about major historical events and intimate family mishaps. Hear him tell about Marshall Field falling overboard, Robert Moses trying to sneak one past him, how Sam quelled student riots post-Kent State, fighting for fairness in the civil rights movement, birthing calves on his cattle farm, and much much more…. In keeping with his legacy of conservation of woods, waters, farms and open space, our family is requesting donations to Saratoga PLAN as we distribute the book gratis to family and friends.”

You can click here to make a donation and receive a copy of “Zander-to-Sam.”  The book is available at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs. ( and at our office at 112 Spring Street, Room 202, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

You can email or call 518-587-5554 for additional information.