Saratoga PLAN Conserves 51-Acre Third-Generation Family Farm in Town of Northumberland

Northumberland, NY – Saratoga PLAN has permanently protected the Bolesh Farm, 51 acres of open agricultural fields, woodlands, and vegetative buffer lining the Snook Kill in the Town of Northumberland. The conservation of this fertile land means it will be forever available for farming and is protected from conversion to non-farm uses. 

The Bolesh family is thrilled that their land will forever play an agricultural role in Saratoga County. “I heard about Saratoga PLAN through the town because there were several people who had gone through them and had their own land conserved. I applied and was accepted in 2019.” said Paul Bolesh. “I taught elementary school for many years and there were children that didn’t know that potatoes were grown in the ground…they think they just go to the grocery store and there it was…” 

The farm also has a unique past. Paul Bolesh’s father enlisted in the Army in 1941 and was sent down to guard the Brooklyn Navy Yard after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was there that Paul’s parents met. Four years later, the couple married and set their eyes on buying the Northumberland property in Upstate New York together. With $4,000 saved from time in the military and borrowed money from his sister and brother, Paul Bolesh’s father and mother purchased the land, neighboring the historic Gansevoort Mansion.  

Today the agricultural land is currently used to raise chickens, turkeys, sheep, beef cows, goats and ducks, as well as to produce corn and hay. Paul’s son Brett Bolesh and his family live next door right next door. “Growing up in today’s society, it’s important to have these open spaces where you can enjoy nature…I’m excited to have my kids enjoy that like I enjoyed it when I was growing up”