When a local farmland owner noticed that a maple tree on her conserved property had reached the end of its life, she wanted to honor it by giving back to the land. Sections of the maple were used for crafting beautiful wood items, with the remainder going for firewood to heat a home, and the small branches chipped for use as mulch.

Now the space on the farm where the mature maple lived its life is clear for a young tree to be planted to start the life cycle of a tree all over again.


Arbor Day Silent Auction
In honor of Arbor Day, one of the wooden products, a stunning hand-made bowl, has been generously donated to Saratoga PLAN to help raise funds for continued protection of natural resources and open space in Saratoga County. This stunning, one-of-a-kind bowl is hand turned and carved from a solid piece of sugar maple using a variety of techniques, including etching. 

A silent auction for the piece will run from April 20th (8:00 PM) to April 28th (10:00 PM). The highest bidder will be contacted on Arbor Day, Friday, April 29th. 


arbor day silent auction

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About the Artist
Jason Nemec of Jason Nemec Design crafted this bowl in his shop located in the repurposed and reclaimed Charlton Volunteer Fire Department building, Charlton, NY. Jason and his wife Dana purchased the building after it was decommissioned by the CVFD. Jason Nemec Design emphasizes the importance of using local materials to craft beautiful and useful items. He specializes in creating custom designed unique woodcraft items, teaches wood making classes, and has gallery space featuring artists with local roots. You can learn more at www.jasonnemec.com.

Connction between Farms and Forests
Many think of farms as open fields under crop production or as barns for crop storage or animal housing. While agriculture alone serves an important function, many farms also support woodlands, ponds, streams, and wetlands, contributing to the precious balance in our environment. Wooded farmland areas provide homes for local plants and wildlife, and rich farm soils naturally absorb and purify water as it is absorbed through the earth, taveling underground through nature’s extensive filter system of rocks, gravel, and deep soil. When farmland with forests is conserved, the wooded areas are permanently protected, too. 

Piece Details
This piece is food-safe, but care must be taken to preserve the finish. It’s recommended to wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Do not place in the dishwasher or scrub with soap. If it ever looks dull, apply a food-safe oil like walnut, lemon, or mineral oil, and wipe dry.

Winner will be notified on Arbor Day, Friday April 29th and will schedule a time to pick up the piece from 112 Spring Street, Rm 202, Saratoga Springs, NY 12203.


Make A Lasting Gift

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